Cisco UCS Smart Play Bundles

Its that time again, Cisco has released new Unified Computing bundles!  One of the major changes this time around is that the bundles are now good for 6 months beginning August 15th 2012.

UCS B-Series Smart Play Bundles

Once again Cisco has offered both diskless and disk bundles for their B-Series Promotions, just add HD to the part number.

UCS C-Series SmartPlay Bundles

UCS B Series M3 Expansion Paks

UCS B Series M2 Blade Paks


New UCS Bundles

New Q4 UCS Bundles

First off, Cisco has extended the existing M2 Series bundles through July 28th, 2012.  Those bundles can be seen below:

Cisco Q3 Bundles

The new additions specifically relate to the new M3 server line Cisco launched.  The available bundles are below:

Q4 M3 Server Bundles

As with all UCS bundles they can be ordered with or without hard drives included – although it is recommended to leave out the HDDs and to stick with Boot from SAN to keep inline with the stateless computing model Cisco has rolled out.

With bundles as usual Cisco release additional add-on packs to expand the bundle with easy to use part numbers and discounted pricing:

Q4 M3 Add-on Packs